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Called Critique


Manifest your Message with Merit

1.  MasterClass - 4 Pillars of Effective Christian writing: a 5 week
group online course that begins in June.  Form, fellowship, feedback. 
 Video option coming soon!

2.  Critique: A thorough analysis of your book along with a summary of strengths and cautions.  0.02 per word.

3.  Conference: Got an idea in your heart but having difficulty getting it
on the page? This is my specialty!  Let's chat. $100.

4. Visability: Are you seeking content or social media assistance
for your business or organization? I can help.  Price varies

5. HANDS ON: Need hands-on help during your writing process? Let's work together for 30 days or 3 months- whichever you choose. 
 1 month: $400   3 months: $1200.


Called: an assignment from God to practice a particular gift that aids his people or advances the kingdom

Critique: a detailed analysis; a careful review that

leads to an opinion

Merit:  excellent achievement, honor, value or

quality that is deserving of approval. 

Thanks for submitting!

Let's work together!

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