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Truthful Christian Fiction
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The Inside Out series
* Real change happens from the Inside Out*

 The residents of Palmer, VA have issues that require more than church as usual but their misconceptions about God are a significant complication.


In the first story, Colette battles secret self-loathing.  Jilleen despairs over her sister's suicide in Book 2. A childhood horror reborn is the subject of the next story. Racism stalks both adults and youth in Book 4. In the final story of the series, generational behavior- both good and bad- travels through bloodlines.


Each character must decide between light or darkness, truth or deception. How will they respond? How will you? Study guide in each story. Great for book clubs!

Book 1

nec food front.jpg

Disordered Eating

Book 2

Book 3

More grace front.jpg
always never front.jpg

Depression, Suicide

Spiritual Abuse
Domestic Violence

*Content Warning* 

Book 4

hidden mercy front.jpg

Relationship Trauma

Book 5

secret things front.jpg

Generational Curses
   *coming soon*

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You Have All You'll Ever Need -  2 Peter 1:3

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