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In late fall 2017, Pamela and I had a discussion via Facebook Messenger regarding my "new" (opened in January 2016, but had moved to a brand new, bigger location in January 2017) business, Full Potential Personal Training. She dug deep into why I do what I do, where I have "traveled" from in the health and wellness industry, and why I decided to branch out on my own to do personal training in my own space.


When our calendars aligned and she was able to look into a community piece, we met early May 2018 so that she can interview me. I was nervous but she easily calmed me down.


After the interview, I was anxious at how the article would turn out. I have been interviewed a few times before and what is printed is usually not how I thought it would turn out. This time is was exactly how I felt our interview went and was on point with how well she portrayed my career and my business. I could not have verbalized it better myself.


The beauty with which she gave a small business a voice in our local community is amazing. The article was printed in the area newspaper on May 27, 2018 and for the next 6 months, at least, I couldn't keep up with the increase in client traffic that the article brought to my little business. I couldn't have been happier as a small business owner.


Actually, it is now April 2019 and I still have people contact me about the article they saw in the paper last year! She composed not only an informational article to tell the readers, but also a life-changing piece on a woman-owned, small business that told of a story that brought my passion to life, and also an excellent marketing piece that has since been unmatched by any other marketing I have done for my business.


My many thanks for her time, effort, and her prose. I can never thank her enough. 


Teresa F. Mowry, MSEd, ACSM EP-C

Owner, Full Potential Personal Training

757-483-FPPT (3778)

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